Brass Terminal

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Min. Order Quantity 20000 Pieces
Suply Ability 10000 Pieces day
Port Nava Shava,Megnavi,Nagumba,Parvish
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Key Features of Brass Terminal

Our range of Copper Ring Terminals bears the hallmark of our quality and design principles. We manufacture Tinned Copper Ring that is elector tinned which provide protection from corrosion and oxidation. We have a flair for fulfilling customized requirements; these terminal ends can be customized as per the clients’ specification.

Specifications of Brass Terminal

Model Number SI-31
Product Oregine Afghanistan

Packing Details of Brass Terminal

we are provide bag and box as Well as 25 or 50 kgs packaging.

Trade Assurance

Speedway Industries


Established Year : 1998
Supplier Assessments :
Service Provided : OEM Service Offer
To : Speedway Industries