Brass cap

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Price INR 50 - 60 / Pieces    Get Latest Price
Min. Order Quantity 10000 Pieces
Suply Ability 12000 Pieces day
Port Nava Shava,Megnavi,Nagumba,Parvish
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Key Features of Brass cap

Brass Screws, Nuts, Bolts, Brass Electrical Plug pins, Brass Neutral Links, Brass Washers, Brass inserts, Brass earthing accessories, Brass HRC fuse, Brass Battery Terminals, Connectors for terminal blocks, Brass sheet cutting parts, Brass line taps, Brass PCB terminals, Brass Panel Board & Switchgear parts, Brass pipe fitting inserts, Brass decorative hardwares, Brass Eye Bolts, Brass Anchors, Brass Pillars, Brass assemblies, Brass Precision parts, Special Brass turned parts, Brass electrical contacts, Brass electronic pin parts.

Specifications of Brass cap

Model Number SI-94
Product Oregine Afghanistan

Packing Details of Brass cap

we are provide bag and box as Well as 25 or 50 kgs packaging.

Trade Assurance

Speedway Industries


Established Year : 1998
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Service Provided : OEM Service Offer
To : Speedway Industries