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Certainly! We will be happy to help you find the right supplier. Our assistance is available in these ways: • You can submit a buying query for the right supplier to contact you. • You can message us on whatsapp at 92288 02288 • You can call us on
No. We provide a platform to buyers and sellers to communicate effectively and complete their transactions smoothly. However, we are not involved in any of the transaction which take place between the buyer and the seller. We cannot be held responsible fo
No, the website and the application intends to provide buyers and suppliers a common ground where they can connec. We do not facilitate any transaction at a personal level. This helps us uphold the virtue of our website by being fair to all suppliers and
If a supplier does not respond, then there is a chance that the supplier may have either stopped supplying the product you enquired about or they may not have received your email. It is also possible that his inventory may not have the desired product in
We do not warrant the quality of the products supplied to you. This is why it is necessary that you take necessary steps to ensure that the product supplied to you meets your standards. To do this, you can contact a number of suppliers and then compare th